Yesterday when I connected my Lumia 800 to charge after getting a low battery warning I left it for a few hours, only to come back and find that it didn’t charge at all. In fact, it lost more power to the point that it completely turned off and didn’t want to turn on. Disconnecting it and reconnecting the charger only showed a large empty battery icon, but still no progress in charging. After the 2 hours I left it to charge, it should have been full, but it wasn’t. To make a long story short, after holding the power button several times for 10 seconds, it turned back on, but still with very little power left. Afterwards I was able to fully charge the Lumia 800 and all is well.

It seems a small percentage of Lumia 800 are affected, having problems charging the device or battery draining a bit too fast. Luckily this is not a hardware problem, but software issue and Nokia has responded stating that a fix is in the works:

“ We understand that some people have expressed concerns about battery life on the Nokia Lumia 800.  Early investigations show that the majority of people are enjoying the full Nokia Lumia experience without any problems.  A software update in early December will include improvements to power efficiency, while a second update in early January introduces further enhancements to battery life and battery charging.  Both are planned updates and will be made available via Zune.  We recommend that anyone who still has concerns contact local Nokia care representatives at their earliest convenience.”


Until then, I recommend that you avoid draining the batteries completely and just charge as soon as you get a low battery warning. Also try charging with the device turned on. As for the battery draining too fast, you might want to look at yesterday’s tip of the day, which shows you how to fully close background apps.

Has your Lumia 800 been affected by this issue?