In light of recent power issues affecting the Lumia 800, here are a few tips to help get extra juice out of the battery:

1.Use a dark theme: A darker theme obviously emits less lights and requires less power. On a black Lumia it even adds to the effect of the UI just floating on top of the phone. Go to: Settings>System>Theme>Background and set it to Dark.

2.Turn off Wi-Fi network searching: Wi-Fi already eats a bit of the juice, but having to constantly look for Wi-Fi networks unnecessarily eats more power. Go to: Settings>System>Wi-Fi>Uncheck “Notify me when new networks are found”

3.Close unused programs: Apps running in the background eat more CPU cycles and in the process more power. Instead of pressing the Windows key, press the back key, which completely closes an app.

4.Control brightness: The screen is almost always the part that eats the largest chunk out of a battery. The Lumia 800 already does a good job with default it’s auto-brightness setting, but you can manually set it to “Low” conserving even more power by going to: Settings>Systems>Brightness>Turn Auto adjust Off and set level to Low.

5.Screen time out: This option is pretty much self-explanatory. I recommend setting it to 30 seconds for some extra power. Can be found in: Settings>System>Lock+Wallpaper

6.Extreme power control: I was surprised  to find this option, but it’s for those that really want to take this to the next level. You can find it in: Settings>System>Battery Saver.

Now I would always check the options to turn Battery Saver when battery is low, but you can go the extra mile by always turning battery saver on (the second option). This basically turns off all background processes until you recharge. Not very practical for daily use, but it’s nice to have the option.

7.Email Sync frequency: Lastly,downloading emails as they come or every 15 minutes can have a toll on the battery. You can set it to hourly or even manually. This setting can be found in Settings>System>Email+Accounts> Choose your email and set the “Download New Content”.

8.Camera: When done using the camera, ALWAYS use the back button instead of the Windows button to exit the camera app and shutdown the camera.

Know any good power saving trick, let me know!