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Nokia Dealz: Sports Tracker Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor for 59.90 €


Sports Tracker is now offering their Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor for €59.90, down from the usual €69.90. The Bluetooth module will wireless connect to the N9 (and soon and Lumia 800) and provide real time heart rate measurement for one of my favorite apps: Sports Tracker.

The offer is for orders made before the 10th of December.

Nokia Dealz: Nokia E7 for $595

Great prices on TV Wall Brackets!


Plemix currently has one of the best deals on the Nokia E7, going for $605 dollars. Adding the code YOUTUBE10 takes another $10 bringing it down to $595. What’s also interesting is thatt they have both the Silver and Grey model in stock. Doing a little search for the E7 reveals that almost all stores seem to only have the Silver model in stock. Plemix does sell APAC (Asia-Pacific) models which in thise case means nothing other than an Asian product code. If you’re looking for a good deal on the E7 or the hard-to-find Grey model, this just might be the deal to get.

Nokia Dealz: Dark Grey and Silver White N8 for $429 At Amazon.


Here’s an extremely great deal just in time for Cyber Monday: Both the Dark Grey and Silver White versions are now available for an extremely of $429 at Amazon. Considering that the N8 is a fairly new device and the great camera, this is one great deal. No coupon codes, just press the buy button! The Lime Green is still stuck at the original $549, but perhaps this is because at the time of writing it appear to be “Temporarily out of stock.”

Question remains, where are those other two colors?

Via: The Mobile Fanatics

Nokia Dealz: Adobe Reader LE 2.5 For $9.99


Still don’t have Adobe Reader LE 2.5 for your S60 device? Maybe looking to get it for your N8? QuickOffice normally sells it for $19.99, but by using the Discount Code: save10adobe, you can get it for just $9.99.

Know any good deals? Let us know.

Nokia Dealz: N900 For $199


If you still don’t have a N900, this might be one of the best opportunities to get one. You can get the N900 for a low $199 price. All you need to do is buy it for $475 and receive $280 plus additional trade-in dollars, when you trade in your old phone. Do remember to use the code: n900280. Go here to get this deal.

Via: My Nokia Blog

Nokia Dealz: N900, just $399 with free shipping


Amazon is now offering the Nokia N900 at a great $399 price, with free shipping and no coupons to deal with. While not as good as Dell’s $369 deal, which now officially has gone the way of the Dodo, the Amazon deal is quite a steal for such loaded device.

I might hit the buy button myself.

Know any other good deals on the Nokia N900? Let us know!

Nokia Dealz: Nokia N900 now just $369


Yes, you read that correctly. The N900 is bow being offered at just $369 dollars! Considering that the N900 is Nokia’s current flagship device, this is an extremely good deal. With the N9 expected at the end of the year, we can expect more of these hours. But if you’ve been eyeing the N900, this would probably THE time to quickly pick one up.

The deal can be found here, please use coupon code LL17PBSTFKZ440.


Nokia Dealz: Nokia X6 Unlocked $299.99 w/ Free Shipping


Dell Home is offering an incredibly low price on the Nokia X6 Unlocked Smartphone for $299.99 after a $150 instant discount (ends 4/16) w/ free shipping.

If you pay with Dell Preferred Account, you’ll receive an additional 3% discount. The discount is for the  Black model only.

Nokia Dealz: Nokia N900 for $439


Dell currently has a great deal on the Nokia N900. At $439 there’s even room left for an accessory or two. Click here and use the code  G?G1QQRRW8R62M your price will magically drop  to $439.

Nokia Dealz: 15% off Proporta products


Proporta  is currently offering a 15% discount off it’s product, by using the code SHAMROCK. Perfect if your planning on getting one of their USB TurboCharger 3400 and 1200, which we reviewed right here.