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Another Windows Phone Podcast To Subscribe To: AAWP Insight


With the recent move to Windows Phone, we like to follow Windows Phone Podcast. One of my main uses for my phones is always listening to Podcasts. In a previous post I mentioned Windows Weekly and the official  Windows phone podcast: Windows Phone Radio.

Now here’s another podcast to your growing list of Windows Phone related content: All About Windows Phone Insight or AAWP Insight for short. Our friends over at now have a new site focusing on Windows Phone and of course there’s an accompanying podcast to go along with the site. You can subscribe to the Podcast using this RSS feed.

Two Podcast To Add To Your List:Windows Phone Radio and Windows Weekly


As Nokia gets closer to releasing their first Windows Phone, one way to keep up to date is through Podcasts and one of the best sources has to be the official Podcast: Windows Phone Radio. A weekly Podcasts from the official Windows and Windows Phone team discussing the latest new around of course Windows Phone. The RSS to subscribe your favorite podcasting application can be found right HERE.

Windows Weekly is part of the TWIT network and is probably one of the largest network of online tech content. This Pod and Vidcast talks about everything Windows, but also Windows Phone. It’s hosted by Windows expert Paul Thurrott and Leo Laporte. This Podcast can be subscribed to in several formats:



Video High Quality.

Podcasting 101 for Symbian^3


Do you  have a Nokia Symbian^3 device and you want to get into Podcasting? Of all the things I use my N8 for, Podcasting is probably in the top 5. This guide should help get started with the basics.

1.Get the App

Podcatcher is the application to get when comes to podcasting and started out as the UIQ program called Escarpod.  The application can be downloaded for free at the Forums Nokia projects, but you can also support the developers and buy through OVI Store, this is also a handy to way to re-install the app after you wiped your device clean.

2.Adding podcasts

Before you can listen to your podcasts you must know how to add them in the app. There 3 way to add them:

1.Entering Feed Address: Click the add podcast button (at the bottom  in the middle) and choose “Enter Address”

2.Search for podcast/feed: Click the add podcast button (at the bottom in the middle) and choose: “Search for feed”

3. Import feeds in the form of an OPML file: Option>Import/export feeds>Import feeds

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How to: Import OPML files in Gpodder (Nokia N900)


The Nokia N900 doesn’t come with a Podcasting app preinstalled, but you can easily download the Maemo 5-compatible  gPodder. If you’ve stored all your Podcasts in an OPML file it might seem like you’re out of luck as gPodder doesn’t support a way to import OPML files stored on the N900.(At least not yet.)

There is a neat workaround for this problem.

1.Store your OPML in the N900’s mass storage root directory.

2.In gPodder go to “Subscribe” and choose “OPML file from the web”

3.Type: “file:///home/user/MyDocs/x.opml” with x.opml being the name of the OPML file you chose.

Doing this will import all your Pod- and Vidcasts in the N900.

Search all content in Nokia Podcasting

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By default the Nokia Podcasting app is has a filter in place to screen all adult-rated content when doing search for Podcasts. To search and view all content available, in the Podcasting app go to: Options>Settings>Connection> Search service URL. In the Search service URL you’ll find a long link that ends with “noadult.” Remove this last bit and Voila! Now you can search all content available.

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