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How To: Prolong Battery Life On Lumia 800


In light of recent power issues affecting the Lumia 800, here are a few tips to help get extra juice out of the battery:

1.Use a dark theme: A darker theme obviously emits less lights and requires less power. On a black Lumia it even adds to the effect of the UI just floating on top of the phone. Go to: Settings>System>Theme>Background and set it to Dark.

2.Turn off Wi-Fi network searching: Wi-Fi already eats a bit of the juice, but having to constantly look for Wi-Fi networks unnecessarily eats more power. Go to: Settings>System>Wi-Fi>Uncheck “Notify me when new networks are found”

3.Close unused programs: Apps running in the background eat more CPU cycles and in the process more power. Instead of pressing the Windows key, press the back key, which completely closes an app.

4.Control brightness: The screen is almost always the part that eats the largest chunk out of a battery. The Lumia 800 already does a good job with default it’s auto-brightness setting, but you can manually set it to “Low” conserving even more power by going to: Settings>Systems>Brightness>Turn Auto adjust Off and set level to Low.

5.Screen time out: This option is pretty much self-explanatory. I recommend setting it to 30 seconds for some extra power. Can be found in: Settings>System>Lock+Wallpaper

6.Extreme power control: I was surprised  to find this option, but it’s for those that really want to take this to the next level. You can find it in: Settings>System>Battery Saver.

Now I would always check the options to turn Battery Saver when battery is low, but you can go the extra mile by always turning battery saver on (the second option). This basically turns off all background processes until you recharge. Not very practical for daily use, but it’s nice to have the option.

7.Email Sync frequency: Lastly,downloading emails as they come or every 15 minutes can have a toll on the battery. You can set it to hourly or even manually. This setting can be found in Settings>System>Email+Accounts> Choose your email and set the “Download New Content”.

8.Camera: When done using the camera, ALWAYS use the back button instead of the Windows button to exit the camera app and shutdown the camera.

Know any good power saving trick, let me know!


Yesterday when I connected my Lumia 800 to charge after getting a low battery warning I left it for a few hours, only to come back and find that it didn’t charge at all. In fact, it lost more power to the point that it completely turned off and didn’t want to turn on. Disconnecting it and reconnecting the charger only showed a large empty battery icon, but still no progress in charging. After the 2 hours I left it to charge, it should have been full, but it wasn’t. To make a long story short, after holding the power button several times for 10 seconds, it turned back on, but still with very little power left. Afterwards I was able to fully charge the Lumia 800 and all is well.

It seems a small percentage of Lumia 800 are affected, having problems charging the device or battery draining a bit too fast. Luckily this is not a hardware problem, but software issue and Nokia has responded stating that a fix is in the works:

“ We understand that some people have expressed concerns about battery life on the Nokia Lumia 800.  Early investigations show that the majority of people are enjoying the full Nokia Lumia experience without any problems.  A software update in early December will include improvements to power efficiency, while a second update in early January introduces further enhancements to battery life and battery charging.  Both are planned updates and will be made available via Zune.  We recommend that anyone who still has concerns contact local Nokia care representatives at their earliest convenience.”


Until then, I recommend that you avoid draining the batteries completely and just charge as soon as you get a low battery warning. Also try charging with the device turned on. As for the battery draining too fast, you might want to look at yesterday’s tip of the day, which shows you how to fully close background apps.

Has your Lumia 800 been affected by this issue?


Mugen Power: Nokia N900 Extended Battery on the Way


The Nokia N900’s BL-5J 1320 mAh battery might not be enough for some, for this reason Mugen Power is creating a 2300-2400mAh extended battery. Good news is that the battery should be available some time in February. The bad news? The battery is reportedly going to be a bit larger than the original one, requiring a custom cover, which will be included in the package.

These custom batteries  most often don’t do justice to the original design, but considering that this battery is a lot smaller than the N97’s 3600mAh version, there’s a good chance that it the N900’s version won’t be that big in size.

Is the BL-5J enough for the N900 or are you looking for a larger battery?

The N900 and External Battery Packs


There’s been some talk lately about the N900 and external battery packs and it’s compatibility with these devices. It seems that some external batteries packs simply won’t work with the N900. Some users reported that the Nokia DC-11 for example didn’t want to work. A reader reported that the N900 failed to charge with the Zaggsparq, but Proporta’s line of mobile chargers seems to be doing just fine. There’s even reports that some N900 won’t charge with car chargers.

From my experience I can tell that the N900 works fine with all the Proporta chargers, but the Nokia DC-11 is a bit more tricky. It seems to charge, but you need to power it on first and than connect it to the N900, otherwise it won’t work. The N900 also doesn’t seem to want charge from the DC-11 once it’s totally empty. I’ve also got the Zaggsparq coming in for review so I’ll report about that once we get our hands on it.

If you want some extra power, your best bet is simply to use a spare Nokia BL-5J battery. In the case you do want to use external power, make sure to:

-Connect the car charger or charger to the power outlet and than connect it to the N900

-Turn external battery packs on and than connect it to the N900. In the case of the Nokia DC-11 press the power button before connecting to the N900. Also try to recharge the N900 with the DC-11 before it’s completely empty as their seems to be an issue when the N900 is completely empty.

What has been your experience with external battery packs, car chargers and other non-traditional ways of charging the N900? What works and what simply doesn’t? Share your experience with us.

More power to you: Nokia Extra Power DC-11 review

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The Nokia Extra Power DC-11 is basically an external rechargeable 1500 mAh Li-Ion battery. The concept behind it isn’t new: charge your device using a portable, external power source when on the move and when empty you charge it just like any other Nokia phone. The Extra Power DC-11 is one of two external power units offered by Nokia. The other model is the Nokia Extra Power DC-8 which uses either standard or rechargeable AA batteries. While the latter unit is more compact it does require rechargeable AA batteries or the not-so-eco-friendly standard AA batteries. Here at The Nokia Guide, we prefer technology that helps every bit when it comes to our environment and the use of AA batteries, even the rechargeable ones are something we wouldn’t recommend or even consider using. For this simple fact we prefer the DC-11 over the DC-8.

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Proporta introduces the Universal Emergency Charger Travel Kit

newmobilecharger0901 Remember the Mobile device chargers from Proporta? Probably the the best piece of accessory goodness here at The Nokia Guide, in both large and micro flavors. Proporta has replaced the Mobile Device Charger Micro with an all-new charger: the Universal Emergency Charger Travel Kit. Sporting an all-new metallic look and larger 2500mAh storage, when compared to the 1700mAh on the now discontinued Mobile Device Charger Micro. Also new is the 5v, 800mA output, even more than the original (and larger)Mobile Device Charger or the Ted Baker Mobile Charger’s 5v, 700mA output. With its 2500mAh of power, the new charger slots in nicely between the original mobile charger and the micro. It wouldn’t surprise us if Proporta soon releases a larger unit (with similar design) to replace both the Ted Baker and original mobile chargers. When it comes to value though, there’s no beating the Ted Baker Six Pack, which can hold more power and still sells for a lower £ 29.95, while the new Universal Emergency Charger Travel comes in at £ 39.95. The accessories included are similar to the Ted Baker Six, which is a good thing and simply means that it’s filled with goodies. While it’s clear that new unit sports an improved LED power indicator, we have yet to get more details on this.