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Tip Of The Day: Hidden Lumia 800 Diagnostic Tool

Mark at The Nokia Blog found a new hidden diagnostic tool that allows you to test different function on the Lumia and can be used for troubleshooting potential issues. These tests include:

  • Accelerometer
  • ALS
  • Audio Loopback
  • Bluetooth
  • Camera
  • Battery Status
  • DTMF
  • Hardware Buttons
  • Headset Detection
  • LCD White
  • Lights
  • Magnetometer
  • Power Source
  • Proximity
  • Speaker
  • Touch
  • Vibra

The tool can be activated by opening the phone dialer and pressing:



Via: The Nokia Blog

Tip Of The Day: Multi-tasking On Windows Phone


The back key on Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) isn’t just to go back.

It also activates multi-tasking. A single press goes back, but holding the button in opens a list of open apps.


Some of you might have also noticed that when you press the home button or switch apps, the other application stay in some sort of suspended animation. If you multi-task you’ll notice that the app is still there. Here’s a neat trick on how close an app:

From the home screen open the application you want. Now press the “Back button” once which takes you to the home screen. The app is now fully closed.

This trick doesn’t work on the browser as Windows Phone always saves the last page you were on. (Credit: Phonebuff)

Tip Of The Day: Quick Way To Activate The E7’s Torch


There are many applications out there that control a device’s LED Flash or screen for use as torch, but if you don’t want to mess with any applications and just want a quick way to access the E7’s torch light, this tip is for you. Just hold down the Lock Switch for about 3 seconds to activate it and hold down again to turn it off. The device will vibrate to indicate when the torch turns on or off.

Tip Of The Day: Restart An Unresponsive N8


I’ve been using the N8 for a long time and I have yet to to experience the device getting stuck. In the case it does happen you can’t take out the battery because it’s is built-in due to the one-piece aluminum body. You can’t use the power either button simply because well, the device is unresponsive, so that won’t work either.

A neat trick is to do the following:

Press and hold down the menu button, while pressing and holding the lower volume button and the power button until your Nokia N8 turns off.

After this you can easily turn your device back on and your up running!

Update: A reader shared the following: You only need to press the on / off button for 8 seconds and voila – phone restarted.

Thanks Marcos!

Update 2: As another reader, kenosando, has pointed out that holding down the menu button, while pressing and holding the lower volume button and the power button might have the same effect as a hard reset. Which as we know is BAD BAD! So the best way right now is to press the power button for an extended perio of time.


WARNING: Don’t Do A Hard Reset On The N8!



You probably know the drill by now: a hard reset will nicely remove all programs and customizations and restore the device to factory defaults right? In the case of the N8, it’s a totally different story. A hard reset on the Nokia N8 is done by performing the following action:

1) Turn off the N8

2) Press and hold “Volume Down” + “Camera Key” + “Menu Key”

3) Press the power button, while pressing and holding the key combination in step.

This indeed performs a hard reset of the N8, but as many have found out (including myself) is that will remove:

1.OVI Maps

2.OVI Store


4.And some Dolby content will stop working with the device or dissappear. The worst part is that there’s no way of restoring OVI Store and Social Networks. OVI Maps Beta can be installed from Nokia Beta Labs. If you care for those Dolby Demos, back these up as soon as you get your device!

Reinstalling the firmware using Nokia Software Updater or OVI Suite won’t fix this either. The only way I could truly restore my N8 to it’s original factory state was by reflashing it using Phoenix. Let this be a cautionary story for you: Don’t do a hard reset on the Nokia N8!

Via: My Nokia Blog

Tip Of The Day: Access More Contact Details From Phone Dialer (N900)


When you dial a contact on the N900, it will only display and give you the option to call that number in the Call Log (Dialer). Even if the contact has several other numbers, you can only dial that last number.

You could always exit the Phone dialer (Call Log) and go to Contacts, but there’s a much easier way. In the Phone dialer, select your contact’s last dialed number and a menu will open giving you the option to call only that number and to send an SMS. Now select the contact’s picture to reveal more numbers and details.


54 Tips and Tricks For The Nokia N900



Usually we give you one daily tip in our “Tip of the day” section. What if we give you 54 tips? Thanks to Nokia Saga, we have 54 neat tips and tricks you could try on the N900. Some of them I know, but there are quite a few that are new to me and a must-know for any N900 user. Know any other tips? Let us know!

N900 Tip Of The Day: Change Flash Version Reported On Sites


By now we know that N900, probably won’t be getting Flash 10.1, even though it can support it and was one of the first devices to do so. Some sites require Flash 10.1 to run the Flash content, even though they should run just fine on devices with Flash 9.4 such as the N900. If they detect a lower version they simply refuse to run.

TweakFlashver alters the Flash plugin so that it reports a custom version to sites, basically fooling them into detecting Flash 10.1 installed on the N900. As result sites that required version 10.1 run just fine on Flash 9.4. The application has a few preset profiles like Flash 10.1 for Android or Flash for the Linux OS, but also the ability to set custom version. The application can be downloaded from the standard Maemo repository, a must-have if you watch a lot of Flash videos online.

When you’re done, point your browser to check your Flash version.



Tip Of The Day: Close The Cover To Access The Memory Card


The N900’s memory card is not hidden beneath the battery, which means that in theory you could pull out the memory card with the phone turned on, possibly damaging the device, the memory card and corrupting data. For this reason Nokia has included a neat feature which disconnects the memory card if the back cover is not in place. If for some reason you don’t have the back cover on and in File Manager your are not seeing the memory card, it’s a possibility that you have a corrupted memory card. It could also be that because the back cover is not there, it’s triggering the mechanism to disable the memory card. Try putting the back cover on and make sure it’s securely in place.

How to: Adding Yahoo email account to Nokia Messaging



If you’ve followed our guide on How to properly setup and configure Nokia Messaging on the N900, you might have come across this problem. If try to add a Yahoo email to your Nokia Messaging account at it will tell you: “This email address must be added on the phone.”

You can easily add Google Mail, Windows Live Hotmail, Ovi Mail, and POP/IMAP email accounts at, but not a Yahoo account. The reason is simple, as a Nokia rep explains: “Yahoo is somewhat special for Nokia Messaging in that you aren’t allowed to add Yahoo email addresses on the website.  That’s basically due to legal reasons–per our Yahoo contract we need to disable Yahoo support in a few countries (the list is small and includes US embargoed countries like Cuba) and we can’t really tell what country you are in unless you do it from the phone.”

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