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App Of The Day: The Engadget App for Windows Phone 7.5


Engadget has released their Windows Phone 7.5 app and  has been updated to support the new features in Windows Phone 7.5 like multitasking, landscape mode and Live Tile support . This allows you to use the built-in Podcasting feature to play podcasts in the background and some fancy new Live Tile goodness.

There are also some social features to share posts using Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Evernote, Instapaper and Read it Later.

You can find the app right here, or just look for it in the Marketplace.

Another Windows Phone Podcast To Subscribe To: AAWP Insight


With the recent move to Windows Phone, we like to follow Windows Phone Podcast. One of my main uses for my phones is always listening to Podcasts. In a previous post I mentioned Windows Weekly and the official  Windows phone podcast: Windows Phone Radio.

Now here’s another podcast to your growing list of Windows Phone related content: All About Windows Phone Insight or AAWP Insight for short. Our friends over at now have a new site focusing on Windows Phone and of course there’s an accompanying podcast to go along with the site. You can subscribe to the Podcast using this RSS feed.

Tip Of The Day: Multi-tasking On Windows Phone


The back key on Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) isn’t just to go back.

It also activates multi-tasking. A single press goes back, but holding the button in opens a list of open apps.


Some of you might have also noticed that when you press the home button or switch apps, the other application stay in some sort of suspended animation. If you multi-task you’ll notice that the app is still there. Here’s a neat trick on how close an app:

From the home screen open the application you want. Now press the “Back button” once which takes you to the home screen. The app is now fully closed.

This trick doesn’t work on the browser as Windows Phone always saves the last page you were on. (Credit: Phonebuff)

How To: Hard Reset Nokia Windows Phone


You know the drill, your phone is stuck or you need sell your device. Now that Nokia has moved to Windows Phone, a newer OS means a new way to hard reset these. This is done in 2 easy steps:

1.Pressing the Power+Volume+Camera until the phone vibrates.

2.Release Power button when phone vibrates, but keep the volume and camera pressed for another 5 seconds

Your phone is now set to factory defaults.

Update: An alternative way to do this:

Go to: Settings > About > Reset your Phone

Source: MyNokiaBlog /

Two Podcast To Add To Your List:Windows Phone Radio and Windows Weekly


As Nokia gets closer to releasing their first Windows Phone, one way to keep up to date is through Podcasts and one of the best sources has to be the official Podcast: Windows Phone Radio. A weekly Podcasts from the official Windows and Windows Phone team discussing the latest new around of course Windows Phone. The RSS to subscribe your favorite podcasting application can be found right HERE.

Windows Weekly is part of the TWIT network and is probably one of the largest network of online tech content. This Pod and Vidcast talks about everything Windows, but also Windows Phone. It’s hosted by Windows expert Paul Thurrott and Leo Laporte. This Podcast can be subscribed to in several formats:



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