Tip Of The Day: Quick Way To Activate The E7’s Torch


There are many applications out there that control a device’s LED Flash or screen for use as torch, but if you don’t want to mess with any applications and just want a quick way to access the E7’s torch light, this tip is for you. Just hold down the Lock Switch for about 3 seconds to activate it and hold down again to turn it off. The device will vibrate to indicate when the torch turns on or off.

Ovi Maps 3.6 Graduates, How To Install

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OVI Maps 3.6 has graduated from Nokia Beta Labs, which means that we finally have the final version of Maps 3.6 ready to download. Version 3.6 is a much improved version, you can see what’s new right here.

How To Update

Now chances are you already have the Beta version installed and OVI store will only give you the option to “Launch” as it assumes that you already have the latest version. Here’s an easy way to update to the final version 3.6 or v3.06 11wk10 b01.

1.Go to the OVI Map page on your PC using your browser. It can be found here. Remember to Log in.

2. Put “/download” at the end of the URL, so it should like this: http://store.ovi.com/content/100493/download and download the .sis file to your PC.

3.Install the application using OVI Suite on your Symbian^3 device and it should install overwrite the Beta version.

4.In OVI Maps go to: ?>About Maps> Versions and it should say “v3.06 11wk10 b01.”

Nokia Dealz: Nokia E7 for $595

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Plemix currently has one of the best deals on the Nokia E7, going for $605 dollars. Adding the code YOUTUBE10 takes another $10 bringing it down to $595. What’s also interesting is thatt they have both the Silver and Grey model in stock. Doing a little search for the E7 reveals that almost all stores seem to only have the Silver model in stock. Plemix does sell APAC (Asia-Pacific) models which in thise case means nothing other than an Asian product code. If you’re looking for a good deal on the E7 or the hard-to-find Grey model, this just might be the deal to get.

Update: Official Nokia N8 PR1.1/PR1.2 Software Release Schedule

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N8 PR1 1 & PR1.2 statusmarch2011

The guys at Nokia Care have created a handy PR1.1 (013.016)/ PR1.2(014.002)  Software Update release schedule for the Nokia N8. This list has been updated today (March 30th 2011) and will be updated regularly. For example, my N8, with the product code 059D111 is still on PR1.1 so I wanted to check where my update was and It seems that my product code is still “In creation,” while PR1.1 has been “Published.”  That means I’m going to have to wait a little longer. If you’ve been wondering what these terms mean exactly, they explained that:

Status “Published” means that the software update is available for download

  • via your N8 (use Menu > Applications > SW Update > tick N8-00 Device Update and then follow the on screen prompts) or
  • via PC (connect your phone via USB and use Ovi Suite).

Status “In creation” means your version is currently with our software teams and we will aim to release it in week 14. We can’t give a specific day here, but you can switch on the automatic software update check in your phone (via Menu > Applications > SW Update > Options > Settings > Auto-check for updates) and your N8 will prompt you as soon as the new software is available. There may be unforeseen delays for some products if any issues should be discovered in pre-release testing.

As for those with a product saying that it’s “In creation” they give a very interesting piece of info:

Nevertheless, the lead-time is less than 5 days – so for everybody who sees his/her product code as status “in creation” it means that you have to wait for max. 5 days.

The updated list can be found right here.

My Must Have Games For The Nokia N8

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I never used to play games on my mobile devices, leaving all of my gaming time for consoles. It was Angry Birds that opened the flood gates and got me into mobile gaming. I wouldn’t consider myself a mobile gamer in the sense that I spend hours and hours playing these games, but they’re great when I have 10 to 30 minutes to spare waiting in line at the bank or relaxing on the couch.

On one hand you have the N8’s browser and the use of Adobe Flash, which also allow of Flash-based games straight from the browser on Facebook game, classics like Bejeweled and even play roulette online. But this list is purely about applications and these are my top 10 must-have games for the Nokia N8.

1.Angry Birds

If I could only have one game on my N8, it would probably be Angry Birds and many seem to agree. Angry Birds is in a category all on its own, gaining an almost iconic status and can be found on anything that can play games. Even the unveiling of any new device can’t seem to happen without a demo a showing “how smooth Angry Birds runs on it.” Angry Birds has a very reasonable price and the fact that it’s updated regularly with free new content makes quite a good deal. No need to describe the game itself as you probably know it by now, if you don’t, all you should know is this: Get it now!

2.Angry Birds Season

The season versions of Angry Birds is a holiday themed version of the original. It’s a fresh take on the original game with frequent updates that also make it a great deal and a different look that should keep things interesting. An

3.Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is simple and addictive: touch the screen and slash the flying fruit. That description makes it sound respective and pointless, but the actual result is nothing short of  amazing. Everything from the squishy, splatty sounds to the moments of pure action make for a game that’s addictive, yet difficult to put down. Fruit Ninja scores high on presentation despite it’s simplicity it makes good use of the 3D graphics.

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Online Availability Of The Nokia E7

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You know the drill: a highly anticipated Nokia handset starts shipping and everyone starts looking for deals. For a device that was suppose to come out last year, the E7 isn’t widely available as one would hope. An in the cases  where it’s available, the prices are way above the $600 dollar mark.

At the time of writing ( 25th of March 2011), for example Mobile City Online seems to have it have for $659.99. Nokia USA doesn’t even have it in stock, taking pre-orders at $679. Amazon, usually among the most popular places to shop doesn’t currently have it in stock, but is taking pre-orders at $649, while third party sellers have it any where from $649 to $799. On Ebay, the trend is generally towards $640 and up.

If you’re planning on buying from Nokia Europe, prepare for one big sticker shock. Nokia UK doesn’t seem to even have it in stock, While Nokia Spain is selling it for 629 Euros ($885) ,  Netherlands: 599 Euros ($842), Finland: 629 Euros ($885). Gulp.

From my little online search for the E7, the general trend seems to be low availability and prices generally above $640 dollars. Interestingly, almost all online stores seem to only have the Silver white and not the Dark grey version. I have yet to see the E7 being sold in other colors, which seems exactly what the E7 product manager was saying regarding the color availability.

The lowest price so far I’ve been able to find is Plemix at $615. The coupon code “YOUTUBE10” takes another $10 of making it a reasonable $605.

Know any good deals on the E7? Let me know.

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Nokia Social has been updated to version 1.3 (1.3.189 to be exact) and in the process gained the following new features:

  • Contacts improvement:
    -Status update directly in Contact Card
    -Linked contact indicator in Friends List
  • Share improvements:
    -Add caption when sharing photos from camera
    -Removing photo upload compression > high resolution picture upload
  • Facebook/Twitter enhancements:
    -View followers list

Nokia has also shared what features they’re working on for the next release and will probably include automatic Contact linking, Facebook notifications and new widget functionalities. Especially the automatic contact linking feature is something I’m looking for and should make programs like Socially obsolete.

Still carrier or region dependent?


Nokia Social is a great application, but the not so pretty side of this application is that it seems to block access in certain regions or carriers. I’ve talked about this before and the same holds true for Social 1.3. The application is notorious for checking what carrier your on and the SIM card you’re using and simply giving you a blank screen with no Facebook or Twitter if the carrier is not in the list.

One example is that I’m using a local providers like UTS and Digicel and Social blocks access for of these carriers. If I put in a SIM card from SETAR, a provider all the sudden I have access to all social networks. Social seems to also work fine with a Truphone SIM. I’ve said and I will say again, after buy an UNLOCKED device, a device should work with all carriers, including all of its programs and services. I really hope Nokia fixes this soon as this one of the most important application on their Symbian^3 devices.

Nokia Silicone Cover CC-1005 (Blue) Review

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Nokia N8 cover


As a camera-centric device, the N8 almost begs for an “always-on” case that doesn’t require you to constantly take it out and put it back in, matching the N8’s “ready to shoot” philosophy. Could Nokia’s own Silicone Cover CC-1005 be that case?


The CC-1005, as the name suggests, is a silicone case made specifically for the N8 and is Nokia’s first foray into the silicone case business, which traditionally has only been about cases made out of leather or cloth. The 1005 is available in 4 colors, (almost) matching the 4 colors available for the N8: Blue, Black, Green and a Pinkish Red. I say “almost,” because even though Nokia is offering the Pink CC-1005 color, there is no matching Pink N8. As you know by now the N8 is offered in Orange, so it’s a mystery to me as to why Nokia wasn’t able to create a matching case. If you’re the owner of the Orange N8, you’re pretty much out of luck here, unless you decide to settle for the Pinkish Red color or choose one of the other three colors.


Compared to cheaper silicone cases you find on Ebay, the 1005 offers a case that’s not too thick or too thin, yet it still able to keep it’s shape without deforming from the simple act of taking it off. Unlike the those really thick silicone cases, that add way to much material, the 1005 seems to have gotten it just right with just the right amount of padding without looking too chunky. On the other hand there are those cases that are way too thin that wiggle and shift just from holding the device, this is not the case with the CC-1005.

Worth noting however, is the fact that this shade of Blue is quite a bit different than the Blue on the N8 itself, going for a darker  Blue instead of the N8’s more neutral light Blue. In the image above you can’t quite see  the true shade of Blue of the case, but what you can see is that the two colors don’t quite match fully. For most this should be fine and overall it does look  good on the N8, but those looking for the colors to match exactly should look elsewhere. The case is also very easy to put on or take of and doesn’t add any measureable weight to the N8. What it does add however is much needed grip as the N8 is a very slippery device.

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Nokia E7, Custom Signed Sleeve And Random First Thoughts

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After a trip to Peru, I returned home finding a surprise from my friends at WOMWorld/Nokia: an E7 and this awesome custom sleeve signed by the man himself, Stephen Elop! Thinking that this couldn’t get any better, they did, by customizing the sleeve with my name and some thoughts I had back at Nokia World 2010 on the E7. A huge thanks to WOMWorld/Nokia!



Last year at Nokia World 2010, I’ve had some time to play with the E7, but this is actually the longest I’ve had the E7, enough for more random, but detailed thoughts on the E7:

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Warning: *#7370# And The N8

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By now you’ve been warned that you shouldn’t do a hard reset on the N8 using the three finger salute.

I’ve recently been looking for a way to restore the N8 to the EXACT  factory condition, without much luck. My conclusion was that there simply wasn’t one, not even using PC Suite, OVI or NSU will do.

So, what about the trusty *#7370#? I decided to take a leap and just try it. The result? While it does reset your device, I can hardly call it “restoring to exact factory conditions,” because it deleted all of Nokia pre-loaded images, HD demos, Dolby Digital Surround Demos and all of my the Web TV widgets. All gone! Luckily I do have a backup of the mass storage, which will get me all of the pre-loaded images and and Dolby/HD demos, but fact remains that *#7370# does a lot more damage than I initially hoped. Especially some of these Web TV widgets can NOT be downloaded on OVI Store and are pretty much gone.

I was able to get the three included Web TV widgets, which are: CNN, National Geographic and Paramount Movie Teasers. They can be download here.

Judging from the above, if you’re planning on resetting the N8 with either the hard reset three finger salute or soft reset in the form of *#7370#, you’ll reset the device, but in the process delete some unrecoverable files.