Audéo PFE 232 Review

PFE 2011 0017

At $600, the Audéo PFE 232 sits squarely in the middle of triple driver In-Ear-monitor (IEM) territory, yet “only” offers dual-balanced armature drivers. At first I was scratching my head when I checked the MSRP and noticed that it offered 2 drivers  on each side, which is less than similarly priced IEM. The decision to go with 2 drivers didn’t happen by accident, of course. The idea apparently was to: “emit the clearest sound quality without requiring additional drivers,” basically giving the performance of triple or quad units, without going beyond 2. And while the 232 does include some unique extras, can its performance sway you away from the competition? Are 3 drivers really better than 2?

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App Of The Day: The Engadget App for Windows Phone 7.5


Engadget has released their Windows Phone 7.5 app and  has been updated to support the new features in Windows Phone 7.5 like multitasking, landscape mode and Live Tile support . This allows you to use the built-in Podcasting feature to play podcasts in the background and some fancy new Live Tile goodness.

There are also some social features to share posts using Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Evernote, Instapaper and Read it Later.

You can find the app right here, or just look for it in the Marketplace.

Nokia Dealz: Sports Tracker Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor for 59.90 €


Sports Tracker is now offering their Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor for €59.90, down from the usual €69.90. The Bluetooth module will wireless connect to the N9 (and soon and Lumia 800) and provide real time heart rate measurement for one of my favorite apps: Sports Tracker.

The offer is for orders made before the 10th of December.

Tip Of The Day: Hidden Lumia 800 Diagnostic Tool

Mark at The Nokia Blog found a new hidden diagnostic tool that allows you to test different function on the Lumia and can be used for troubleshooting potential issues. These tests include:

  • Accelerometer
  • ALS
  • Audio Loopback
  • Bluetooth
  • Camera
  • Battery Status
  • DTMF
  • Hardware Buttons
  • Headset Detection
  • LCD White
  • Lights
  • Magnetometer
  • Power Source
  • Proximity
  • Speaker
  • Touch
  • Vibra

The tool can be activated by opening the phone dialer and pressing:



Via: The Nokia Blog


With the recent move to Windows Phone, we like to follow Windows Phone Podcast. One of my main uses for my phones is always listening to Podcasts. In a previous post I mentioned Windows Weekly and the official  Windows phone podcast: Windows Phone Radio.

Now here’s another podcast to your growing list of Windows Phone related content: All About Windows Phone Insight or AAWP Insight for short. Our friends over at now have a new site focusing on Windows Phone and of course there’s an accompanying podcast to go along with the site. You can subscribe to the Podcast using this RSS feed.

How To: Prolong Battery Life On Lumia 800


In light of recent power issues affecting the Lumia 800, here are a few tips to help get extra juice out of the battery:

1.Use a dark theme: A darker theme obviously emits less lights and requires less power. On a black Lumia it even adds to the effect of the UI just floating on top of the phone. Go to: Settings>System>Theme>Background and set it to Dark.

2.Turn off Wi-Fi network searching: Wi-Fi already eats a bit of the juice, but having to constantly look for Wi-Fi networks unnecessarily eats more power. Go to: Settings>System>Wi-Fi>Uncheck “Notify me when new networks are found”

3.Close unused programs: Apps running in the background eat more CPU cycles and in the process more power. Instead of pressing the Windows key, press the back key, which completely closes an app.

4.Control brightness: The screen is almost always the part that eats the largest chunk out of a battery. The Lumia 800 already does a good job with default it’s auto-brightness setting, but you can manually set it to “Low” conserving even more power by going to: Settings>Systems>Brightness>Turn Auto adjust Off and set level to Low.

5.Screen time out: This option is pretty much self-explanatory. I recommend setting it to 30 seconds for some extra power. Can be found in: Settings>System>Lock+Wallpaper

6.Extreme power control: I was surprised  to find this option, but it’s for those that really want to take this to the next level. You can find it in: Settings>System>Battery Saver.

Now I would always check the options to turn Battery Saver when battery is low, but you can go the extra mile by always turning battery saver on (the second option). This basically turns off all background processes until you recharge. Not very practical for daily use, but it’s nice to have the option.

7.Email Sync frequency: Lastly,downloading emails as they come or every 15 minutes can have a toll on the battery. You can set it to hourly or even manually. This setting can be found in Settings>System>Email+Accounts> Choose your email and set the “Download New Content”.

8.Camera: When done using the camera, ALWAYS use the back button instead of the Windows button to exit the camera app and shutdown the camera.

Know any good power saving trick, let me know!


Yesterday when I connected my Lumia 800 to charge after getting a low battery warning I left it for a few hours, only to come back and find that it didn’t charge at all. In fact, it lost more power to the point that it completely turned off and didn’t want to turn on. Disconnecting it and reconnecting the charger only showed a large empty battery icon, but still no progress in charging. After the 2 hours I left it to charge, it should have been full, but it wasn’t. To make a long story short, after holding the power button several times for 10 seconds, it turned back on, but still with very little power left. Afterwards I was able to fully charge the Lumia 800 and all is well.

It seems a small percentage of Lumia 800 are affected, having problems charging the device or battery draining a bit too fast. Luckily this is not a hardware problem, but software issue and Nokia has responded stating that a fix is in the works:

“ We understand that some people have expressed concerns about battery life on the Nokia Lumia 800.  Early investigations show that the majority of people are enjoying the full Nokia Lumia experience without any problems.  A software update in early December will include improvements to power efficiency, while a second update in early January introduces further enhancements to battery life and battery charging.  Both are planned updates and will be made available via Zune.  We recommend that anyone who still has concerns contact local Nokia care representatives at their earliest convenience.”


Until then, I recommend that you avoid draining the batteries completely and just charge as soon as you get a low battery warning. Also try charging with the device turned on. As for the battery draining too fast, you might want to look at yesterday’s tip of the day, which shows you how to fully close background apps.

Has your Lumia 800 been affected by this issue?


Tip Of The Day: Multi-tasking On Windows Phone


The back key on Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) isn’t just to go back.

It also activates multi-tasking. A single press goes back, but holding the button in opens a list of open apps.


Some of you might have also noticed that when you press the home button or switch apps, the other application stay in some sort of suspended animation. If you multi-task you’ll notice that the app is still there. Here’s a neat trick on how close an app:

From the home screen open the application you want. Now press the “Back button” once which takes you to the home screen. The app is now fully closed.

This trick doesn’t work on the browser as Windows Phone always saves the last page you were on. (Credit: Phonebuff)

A behind The Scenes Look At The Lumia 800 Design

A few days ago, Stefan Pannenbecker, Vice President Industrial Design at Nokia was a guest here in the Netherlands giving a behind the scenes look at how the Lumia 800 was created. Interestingly the story begins way back around November 2009, which should give the user an idea as to how long it can actually take for a mobile device to go from idea to ready-to-ship.

He details how the lead designer for both the N9 and Lumia 800, Anton Fahlgren showed an early model of what was to become the N9 during their monthly “Creative Review,” basically a monthly meeting that oversees all current projects that are going on. Axel Meyer, known for the N97design, was also part of the team.

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Appcelerator Devs: More Interest For Windows Phone due to Nokia


It doesn’t come as a surprise that Appscelerator devs are now showing more interest for Windows Phone, giving Nokia’s recent push towards Windows Phone as the primary reason. The increased interest for Windows Phone also seems to have come at the expense of RIM, which fell by 7%.

This is good news for Nokia’, but we still have take into account that there wasn’t much development going on for RIM devices, meaning that even if this is a step ahead, it’s a very small step. However I do expect interest to grow as Nokia starts pushing the sales Windows Phone upwards and starts releasing even more interesting models like the rumored 900 device.

Nokia and Microsoft still have A LOT of work to do, but this definitely is a step in the right direction.

Also worth noting that we aren’t talking about the entire dev community, but just Appscelerator devs, but it seems to accurately represent the industry as a whole.

Source: Appcelerator

Source: Engadget Mobile